Venue Performance

Venue performance is key in you wanting Rhino Leisure to mange your venue.

Rhino Leisure has varied venues which each propose different challanges.


We took our 1st venue the iBar in Accrington. A small venue that needed love. A fantastic looking venue with the wrong identity.

We changed people’s opinions on the venue changing a few things at a time and extending the hours at night to maximize the potential we could see.

Venue Taken: May 2015

Turnover Increased by: 400%

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Warner Arms

We took the Warner Arms in October 2015.

The flagship pub for Bravo inns and soon started to add sports teams to the venue. Darts, Dominoes, Pool, Small table snooker, Football team etc.

We introduced a weekly beer draw and Karakoe on Wednesdays, which has gone from strength to strength

This helped to increase the weeks day trade and after discussions we decided to bring on a live band once a month at the weekends.

We added extra cask ales to the bar, changed a lot of staff to find the right blend for the venue and once again increased the turnover. 

Venue Taken: October 2015

Turnover Increased by: 100%

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The Queens

The Queens, what a fantastic response from the locals.

Not having to change that much other than being consistent, keeping the lines nice and clean and offering a very friendly atmosphere.

We have introduced Killer Pool Nights after bringing the jaded pool table upto scratch.

The pub has moved in the right direction already.

With only a few staff changes and a great manager in place we have again increased turnover and still growing with new plans in place to increase this even further in 2017.

Venue Taken: March 2017

Turnover Increased by: 70%

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